Nicole Stotts

Nicole Stotts, RN

Vista Health System
Waukegan, Illinois
United States
Nicole supported me even though she didn't know me.

My husband and I came to the hospital to see my dad, but what everyone didn't know was I was his daughter he never met or saw in 56 years. I was scared to wake him up so I got one of the nurses to wake him up. I told her that I was his long lost daughter he never met. She gave me the biggest hug and said she would be happy to wake him. She said to him, "You have a surprise visitor". I walked up to my dad, and said, "I'm D, your daughter." She took the time to help me. When my visit was over I told her thank you and she gave me a hug. She supported me even though she didn't know me. I don't know her name, but I wanted to say I will never forget what she did. I saw tears in her eyes. Please let her know I said thank you for everything. It truly means a lot that she took the time to do what she did for me.