Nicole Mikicic

Nicole Mikicic, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Swedish Edmonds Hospital
Edmonds, Washington
United States
Nicole understood my fears, pain, and outside issues.

I am a 48-year-old man with a lot of heart issues, plus I am an amputee with a lot of other things happening.  I just had a major surgery, but while getting ready for surgery on my only leg, Nicole was so concerned but maintained professional, well-grounded advice.  She would answer my call button every time almost immediately and was one heck of a team player.  I noticed her age (young) but all the older workers deeply respect her decisions and enjoy her.  I consider myself a half-wit, funny guy, but I like to make some jokes to keep surgery off my mind. I messed with her with pranks and whatever, but I believe I make the staff happy about themselves.  I think she cried when I was going to surgery and gave me a strong hug and her heart went out to me.  My girlfriend had noticed her great hustle.  Nicole is a great, caring person.

Dear Swedish Hospital:  You guys and patients are the luckiest people for having Nicole.  She is an angel I believe.  I hadn’t known her 2 days and realized she wasn’t a regular person – she understood my fears, pain, and outside issues.  She gave me some advice and a hug when I needed one.  I am an amputee on my left leg and she left me feeling happy, with the hope that I had lost.  I wish there was something I could do to brighten her day, but hopefully this thank you note will help.

God bless you, Nicole!