Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons, RN, BSN

Organ Transplant Unit
Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital and Indiana University Health University Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

I was admitted on a Friday night and by Monday had seen several doctors.  I was unclear of my prescriptions because of varying information. I wanted to understand my medical care.  Nicole said she would review my chart and let me know.  Nicole was extremely compassionate, an excellent listener, very attentive with my care, and followed through.  Early in the next morning, Nicole let me know she had reviewed my chart.  She explained what issues had been identified and if they persisted what the next steps would be.  She answered questions I had and told me some things to watch out for at home.  She offered suggestions to help drink more water.  Nicole's passion for her job in the O.T.U. shows and she embodies what The DAISY Award stands for - exemplary service and commitment to excellence.