Nicole Lipman

Nicole Lipman, RN

Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Nicole is an amazing nurse. No matter how busy she is she is always willing to help her co-worker or give a family a little extra TLC. It does not matter if it is her patient assignment, she will lend a hand to help. She is always willing to give every one of our babies the best care possible. She is a leader in our unit and well respected by all nurses and doctors.

One day I came into the unit to check in with the staff. There was Nicole giving a family a detailed explanation of why their baby was having a brady. She was so gentle and kind but direct with her knowledge that I could see relief come over the mother's face that her baby would be ok. When I mentioned to her what I had seen and how lucky that family was to have her caring for them that day she responded, "oh they aren't my patient. I just saw they needed some help". What a role model for us all!

We are blessed to have her as part of the team in the NICU and a Sutter employee.