Nicole Kunkel

Nicole Kunkel

Nicole Kunkel, RN

Medical-Surgical/Special Care Unit
Mayo Clinic Health System - Red Cedar in Menomonie
Menomonie, Wisconsin
United States

During Nurses Week, Nicole Kunkel, Medical/Surgical and Special Care, was humbled to receive the first Diseases Attacking the Immune System (DAISY) Nurse Leader Award. The biannual award recognizes nurse leaders who make a difference in patient care through outstanding leadership. Nominees serve as role models who motivate co-workers and enhance the image of nursing within the organization and community.

A coworker nominated Nicole for the award. In the nomination, the coworker described her as unafraid to take on new tasks and consistently maintaining a can-do attitude. Nicole consistently adapts to the ever-changing needs of her department. When faced with new technology, she is able to quickly adjust. Nicole strives to create balance in the workplace. When scheduling, she often takes skill level into account, so as to not overwhelm staff. Co-workers find that Nicole often will make herself available to meet the needs of others, even if it means deviating from her own schedule.

Nicole continually tells others about her passion for her career. Oftentimes, her positivity is the first impression that people get. Nicole says nursing leadership allows her to guide her team in providing the best care possible. She feels that, with her job, she is able to create a difference in the organization and her community. Today, she continues to use her leadership skills to improve patient care, employee confidence and the image of Mayo Clinic Health System.

“One of the greatest things about my job is being able to work with the Medical/Surgical team,” says Nicole. “They inspire me every day to continue on in my dual role as a floor nurse and supervisor.”