Nicole Jefferis

Nicole Jefferis

Nicole Jefferis, RN

Neonatal ICU
Miami Valley Hospital

The sister of a patient in SICU nominated her nurse, Nicole Jefferis for a DAISY Award. She checked all eleven criteria to describe Nicole as an extraordinary nurse and wrote this brief but heartfelt story.

Nicole took care of my sister after a serious car accident. She was very good about explaining what was going on. When my sister passed, Nicole stayed with us. She continued to care for my sister and us. She took time to wipe her face and was just there for us. She prayed with us as we said goodbye to my sister. You could tell Nicole cared for my sister just as much as we did. We are very thankful for having Nicole as her nurse. She made an unbearable situation a little more tolerable. Thank you, Nicole for making a difference in our lives.

Submitted by: a Family member