Nicole Cole

Nicole Cole

Nicole Cole, RN

Seton Southwest Hospital
Austin, Texas
United States

It is my pleasure to nominate Nicole Cole for a DAISY Award.  Nicole has been a dedicated nurse to Seton Southwest for the last 12 years.  Nicole started as a staff RN and expanded her role to Supervisor and now Clinical Manager for OR, Endoscopy, Processing, PACU, and Day Surgery.  She knows every part of her department operations and frequently jumps in to perform any role in any department.  Whatever is needed to take great care of the patients, her associates, and our physicians, Nicole delivers on.

Nicole’s leadership is demonstrated in many ways.  An example is our patient experience surveys regarding their Quality of Care, her department results are consistently in the top 10% nationally.  In addition, her staff’s Model Community Survey results were the highest of any department on site. 

Nicole frequently goes above and beyond. One example recently I would like to share where Nicole completely stopped the line so to speak to advocate for a patient’s wishes.  The patient at the last minute before rolling into surgery wanted to speak with a Chaplin.  Since there is no Chaplin on site some of the team was not so hot for the idea of delaying the case to track down a Chaplin.  Nicole was his complete and utter advocate, made phone calls and got our Chaplin over to meet with the patient within the hour and off he went to surgery feeling much better and at peace.     

Nicole is very smart, creative, and analytical in her approach to operations and daily problem-solving.  She is currently finishing the last 2 courses of her MBA.  She was also the recipient of Seton’s Nurse of the Year award in 2017.  Leaders like Nicole take care of business; take care of patients and teams with compassion and boundless energy!  This energy infuses the team to provide the DAISY Award experience. 

Congratulations Nicole!