Nicole Cecire

Nicole Cecire

Nicole Cecire, RN

Pocono Medical Center
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
United States
She never left my room without a word of encouragement.

Throughout my short stay, Nicole Cecire consistently demonstrated nursing characteristics of the highest quality.  On the few occasions I needed to ring for a nurse, Nicole was there within minutes.  Although I knew I pulled her away from other tasks, she never entered my room without wearing a smile.  Her demeanor was such that she made me feel that, at that particular moment, my needs were all that mattered to her.  She was positive and friendly.  She listened attentively to my concerns or needs.  She responded in a caring and compassionate manner.  If she needed to leave the room to obtain supplies or drugs, she returned in a matter of moments.  When working with me, she made it clear that my comfort, my safety, my improved health was her only concern.  Her expertise with the various pieces of equipment used and her medical knowledge were beyond reproach.  And Nicole always did her job with a smile.  She never left my room without a word of encouragement or an incredibly kind remark.


One enters a hospital hoping the staff is knowledgeable, concerned, extremely competent, compassionate and friendly.  These are the characteristics I saw in Nicole Cecire during my short stay at Pocono Medical Center.  And I thank her so very, very much for all her efforts in helping me recover from my back surgery.