Nicole Campbell

Nicole Campbell

Nicole Campbell, RN, BSN

Roane Medical Center
Harriman, Tennessee
United States
Nicole was always courteous, professional, very organized and efficient.

My mother has been in this hospital several times over the past few months. In August she had pneumonia, in December she had pneumonia again and her first experience with afib. Just a few weeks later, she had an intestinal blockage that required surgery. After spending so much time in the hospital, mom was just not strong. In January my cousin was diagnosed with cancer, her father was my mom's brother. Shortly after being diagnosed, my cousin passed away. Mom took this news very hard and was brought by ambulance to the ER that night. She was experiencing afib, acute pulmonary failure, and congestive heart failure as well as a few other things. She was transferred to the ICU and spent several days on the ventilator.

We met quite a few nurses during this time, both professional and helpful. The one who stands out is Nicole. She was always courteous, professional, very organized and efficient. She was always willing to answer questions even though I had a lot of questions. She was never impatient or unkind, she was willing to smile or laugh if that was what we needed. My mother was successfully weaned from the ventilator and moved to the floor and eventually discharged.

Exactly one month after his daughter passed, my uncle was brought to the hospital with many of the same problems my mom had. They called it 'broken heart' syndrome. My uncle passed away at Roane Medical. Upon hearing this, my mom tried so hard for three days to cope, but she came back to the hospital and was placed in ICU. We saw Nicole again, my mom was put back on the vent. Even though Nicole was not her nurse, she checked on me and tried to reassure me or see if I needed anything. The following two nights she was my mom's nurse and just as before, she took excellent care of my mom as well me and my entire family. She was always professional, offering a kind word or a smile when we needed it.

As I write this we are still in the ICU. Thank you for hiring Nicole, she is definitely an asset to your team and a friend to us in our time of need.