Nicole Bishop

Nicole Bishop

Nicole Bishop, RN

Women's Services
Piedmont Newton Hospital
Covington, Georgia
United States

My husband and I arrived at Piedmont Newton Hospital to support the expectant mother as she was to deliver a baby girl in the next 24 hours.  The most beautiful girl we had ever seen arrived at 10:18 PM with dark hair and the most alert eyes.   It would soon prove to be the most emotional days of our lives; we weren't yet parents as rights were to be determined, but our daughter's birth mom, S, wished us to care for this baby girl all day.  I remember feeling happy, scared, excited, hopeful, and guarded, you get the picture. I was a complete mess. The two of you (our Angels) stepped in and literally cared for both my husband and I and my daughter with such compassion and professionalism. 

Sam, you were the birth mom’s nurse during her stay, and although we weren't directly involved in the care you provided her, I know in my heart the support you gave her was priceless.  You were the middle man between S and us and we appreciate every little thing you did to care for us and most importantly S. 

Nicole, you held our hand, wiped my tears and provided valuable knowledge of how to care for this 7-pound swaddled perfection.  The day went easier, we felt better about the entire situation; so much that we were able to leave and return the next day after much-needed rest for discharge.  You two made a lasting impression on my husband and I (and our daughter!) and your compassion is something we will never forget.   She has completed our family. Thanks so much for being a part of the most special days of our lives.