Nicole Beal

Nicole Beal

Nicole Beal, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System - Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States

I nominate Nicole Beal for going above and beyond to meet a patient's needs. After learning that a patient's biggest concern was that she didn't have her makeup, Nicole went and bought this patient some makeup. Before taking it to her, she went to the gift shop, bought her a necklace and gift bag, and presented the gift to the patient.

I went to talk to this patient afterwards, (she requested to see someone from administration). The patient stated she was so touched. She had never felt as special as she did by this wonderful gesture. She said she had been a patient at other hospitals, but had never experienced anything like this before. She was moved to tears.

This is Nikki's way- not just with this patient, but with any patient that has a need. I remember a patient we had some time ago. The nurse came to Nikki and said the patient was dying and had a favorite song.

Nikki tried for hours to download the song to a CD. When she couldn't get it to work, she ran home and got her personal CD with the song and gave it to the nurse to use. Nikki strives to create that lasting memory for the patients. She encourages her team to do the same. She is a wonderful role model for exceptional service.