Nicole Banks

Nicole Banks, RN

8 South
Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States

Nicole is the epitome of what a good nurse should be. She always has a positive attitude no matter how busy she is. She is pleasant and knowledgeable to patients, staff, and physicians. Whenever I need something done, I can always count on Nicole to do it. If all nursing personnel where like Nicole, my job would be pretty easy. So, it is with great pleasure that I nominate Nicole for this award.


I write to you concerning Nicole Banks. She has been a nurse on the Orthopedic Unit for almost as many years as I can remember. I find her to be your leader out on the floor. She handles physicians with great aplomb. She is so helpful and there is nothing that cannot be done when presented to her. Similarly she is great with patients. She belays their fears; she is able to settle families and always finds a way to bring a successful and calming outcome to any patient matter.


If I where a patient at Memorial Hospital, I would want Nicole to be my nurse and it is for this reason that I would enthusiastically nominate her for The Daisy Award. I think the award is highly deserved by Nicole and I would hope that with confirmation of this award upon Nicole would go a long way to help inspire her colleagues in the nursing field.