Nichole Martinez

Nichole Martinez

Nichole Martinez, RN

Cardiology Clinic
Carle Foundation Hospital
Urbana, Illinois
United States
I am here today and every other day that God blesses me to be on this earth because of the HARD work of Nichole Martinez.

Nichole represents every single point in the DAISY Award criteria. She is always going above and beyond for the patients she cares for. I have been a patient in their office for a couple years. I had a heart transplant. So as you can imagine I visit their office quite frequently. Nichole is always making sure that all my appointments, procedures, prescriptions, etc. are always set up or the order has made it to its destination. Nichole is constantly showing customer service excellence by doing these things without even being asked to do so. Nichole does these things because she genuinely cares about each patient she encounters. She is one who never gives up. If she cannot find the answer or complete the action she set out to do, because of an issue with another department. Nichole never backs down. She is constantly advocating for each of her patients to assure that what was order is what is done and in a timely fashion.

Nichole has always been one to call me when I am admitted to Northwestern for transplant-related issues just to see how I am doing. Both she and the doctor have done this almost every time I have ever been admitted. Never in my life have I had a nurse and physician care the way that those two do. I truly feel like I am family with not only this department, but Nichole. She is constantly there for me whenever I have any questions at all, whether I am needing to be taught how to do something, understand a dx or procedure better, or even if I just have a general medical question that I need some direction on how to handle or where to go given my situation it is very important that I am seen by the correct provider and quickly. I honestly could go on and on for days about Nichole and how wonderful she is to all of her patients. She is one of Carle's biggest assets and deserves recognition for that.

This department SAVED my life. Without Nichole, the doctor, and the rest of the HVI department I would not be here today. They caught my issue, treated it appropriately and aggressively, and assured that I was with the best Physicians in the Nation who specialize in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy that determined the only option we had left was transplant. My wife and three daughters have a husband/father at home each day, at school functions, sporting events, etc. They have someone who tucks them in each night and kisses them to tell them I love you and I can't wait to see you in the morning. My family has their best friend to be with each day. All because of the determination and that "never give up and can do!" attitude shown by the doctor and especially Nichole by doing much of the legwork, I am here today and every other day that God blesses me to be on this earth because of the HARD work of Nichole Martinez. I have this chance that I wouldn't have had if Nichole, the doctor and the rest of her office didn't constantly fight for me. When I had my transplant, the surgeon came out to speak with my wife following the surgery. He showed her a picture of my old heart. He stated that had I not have had the transplant I would have been dead within six months or less.

Thank you, Nichole, and the rest of the office for not giving up. Thank you, Nichole, for CONSTANTLY fighting for me whether it be creating appointments, setting up procedures, sending in prescriptions, sending referrals, or fighting for an Auth Approval with my insurance company. YOU TRULY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!! For that, I am FOREVER grateful and in debt to you Nichole, and the rest of the office. Every day is a blessing! Thank you for making that possible for my wife, daughters, and myself.