Nicholas Bowers

Nick Bowers

Nicholas Bowers, RN, BSN

The MetroHealth System
Cleveland, Ohio
United States

After having been in a traumatic motorcycle accident and having 5 surgeries in 4 days, I was miserable.  I was fortunate to have a couple of dedicated caring nurses, 1 of which was Nick Bowers.  After they amputated my left leg on my birthday, Nick was there.  He had some personal experience caring for amputees.  He was very attentive to my special needs.  2 days later I spiked a temp of 105.4 and Nick immediately called ortho, medicine, and anesthesia, no one knew why I spiked that fever, but Nick would not leave me.  Nick packed me in ice and monitored my EKG.  He cared for me until I was moved to SICU.  Metro should be proud of Nick and his attention to caring for his patients.  He definitely had an impact on my care and my outcome.  He even came down to SICU the next day to check on me.  This says volumes to his dedication to nursing and his patients.