Nichelle Broughton

Nichelle Broughton

Nichelle Broughton, RN

3300 Unit
Dekalb Medical
Decatur, Georgia
United States
Nichelle, like at other time, poured in her truly compassionate energy.

When it comes to end of life care and issues, our unit has very little experience.

So, when we had a patient last month who had no family and was actively dying in our presence, it was quite dislocating. Nichelle, like at other times, poured in her truly compassionate energy not just to try to track down family and friends of this patient, but through it all, she never ignored the human being in that bed. She gently provided mouth care, made sure he was dry and talked to him explaining everything up until his last agonal breath.

This is one of the finest examples in my 22-year career of exceptional nursing care.  This is what nursing ought to be. Thank you, Nichelle!