6C Neurology Team
May 2017
Neurology Team
at Mercy Hospital Springfield
6C Neurology
Mercy Hospital Springfield
United States




I would like to nominate my amazing nursing team on 6C Neuro for the care and compassion that they showed to one of our patients. This patient was homeless and had a large stroke that left him with significant deficits. His total admission was approximately 100 days due to him waiting on guardianship.

During the first part of his stay he made great progress and was thriving, and he became really close to all the staff on 6C. However, about midway through his stay, the physician decided that he no longer needed to be on telemetry and could be transferred to a non-telemetry floor since Neuro beds are always in short supply.

He was transferred to a medical unit and while there, he became really depressed. He ate very little and he wanted to sleep all day and keep his room dark. He would sometimes talk about his friends on 6C, so the staff on this medical unit began calling us and asking for our staff to come and visit him and see if we could get him to eat and begin participating in his recovery. This went on for several days and then multiple staff members came to me and asked if I could try to get him transferred back to our unit. I agreed to attempt this as it would be the best option for our patient, but when I called the physician I was told that we could not accommodate this request.

A few days later, after the patient was continuing to decline in his current location another attempt was made to get him transferred back to 6C Neuro. At this time the Nurse Practitioner agreed that we should see how he would do if he could be once again cared for by his friends on 6C. He was so excited to see all of the familiar faces that he had grown close to and he began thriving once again.

The co-workers on 6C displayed such compassionate care for this individual. He was homeless and had no friends or family. In the 100 days he was here he did not have a single visitor outside of the staff to come and see him. My staff donated personal items for him and gathered some money to buy him a few articles of clothing. They even had a birthday party for him.

The patient was eventually discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility in Arkansas and several co-workers put together a care package and drove down and hand delivered it to him. Many of them have also kept in touch with him and he will occasionally call our nurse’s station to say hello. He obviously left an impression on the 6C staff, and my team has definitely left an impression on me! This care reminded me of why we are here, and I strongly feel like my team is worthy of recognition.


DAISY Team Award Honorees:

Cressi  Davidson, LPN

Barbra Drake, LPN

Katie Harter, LPN

Michelle Miller, LPN

Cassie O’Connor, LPN

Kristen Persinger, LPN

Jody Thomas, LPN

Leigha Pellegren, Nurse Manager

Laura  Alexander, RN

Sabrina Brock, RN

Tiffany Flanagan, RN

Eva Fultz, RN

Jessica Gann, RN

Logan Geren, RN

Kyle Hiemstra, RN

Kalyn Holcomb, RN

Elizabeth Holen, RN

Lee Huddleston, RN

Amanda Hughey, RN

Windsor Lake, RN

Cindy Lane, RN

Lauren Mansfield, RN

Ruth Nastally, RN

Jeff O’Flynn, RN

Reuben Ruvakule, RN

Roberta Scrivener, RN

Caitlin Shelton, RN

Misty Stopper, RN

Dawn Stuart, RN

Peggy Thompson, RN

Amanda Walton, RN

Deb Wilfong, RN

Jennifer Done, Charge RN

Bill Knight, Charge RN

Stephanie Scott, Charge RN  

Jana Wivel, Charge RN

Brooke Davis, RN