Nestor Garcia

Nestor Garcia

Nestor Garcia, RN

Northwest Community Hospital
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United States

Nestor was nominated by a patient who shared, “I felt all my care was excellent but there was one nurse in particular that impressed me as well as my roommates beyond words (she had 3 roommates during her week as a patient).

Nestor came in every morning wearing a smile and truly concerned about how I was feeling. He was kind and outgoing to my elderly roommates that I know could be trying at times.” She went on to describe how Nestor explained a procedure putting one roommate at ease and spent time with another sharing hints for dealing with newly diagnosed diabetes at home.

The patient wrote, “I know that nursing is not an easy job and often taken for granted. Nestor not only worked well with the patients but also with the student nurses. I can say with all honesty that Nestor made my experience a good one. Please thank Nestor for me and reward him with this honor for all his hard work as well as his caring heart”.