Nekisha Halmatov

Nekisha Halmatov

Nekisha Halmatov, BSN, RN

Medical Outpatient Unit
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

Nekisha (Nikki) Halmatov was caring for a 97 year old gentleman in November who was receiving a blood transfusion. The gentlemen mentioned to Nikki that he was to return to LGH for a TEE and that the doctor ordered him to receive Lovenox injections for three days, twice a day, prior to having the TEE. The patient was not comfortable giving himself the injections. Nikki spent time educating the patient on how to give the injections; she also inquired about family and if there was anyone able to assist him. He stated that his daughter was not able to because of having hand tremors. The gentlemen did have a driver's license but didn't feel it was advisable of him to drive (in his weakened state) twice a day into the hospital for Lovenox injections because of having a low hemoglobin level.

After Nikki heard his concerns she offered to go to the patient's house to administer the injections. The patient accepted after checking with his daughter to be sure she was aware and ok with the arrangement. The daughter agreed. Nikki traveled twice a day for 3 days to the patient's home after getting her own children off to school and then returning in the evening after leaving work.

Nikki was considerate of the patient's lack of resources and the out of pocket expense it would have cost him (if he was ineligible for insurance coverage) to have in home health care. The patient's daughter stopped by the unit December 2nd looking for Nikki to tell her that her dad was in the hospital. The daughter informed me (the nurse manager) of how wonderful, caring, and compassionate Nikki was going out of her way to fulfill her father's need and to assist them with the injections.