Nathan Crotteau

Nate Crotteau

Nathan Crotteau, RN

Oncology / Hospice
Essentia Health East
Duluth, Minnesota
United States
Nate demonstrated hospitality, respect, and teamwork.

Nate was nominated by a colleague who transferred a patient on end of life care from MICU to Hospice, Nate was the receiving nurse. He immediately met me, the patient, and the family in the patient room. He started talking to the family about the transition their loved one was about to go through, his words were so beautiful that as he was explaining things to the family it brought tears to my eyes. Nate made sure to involve the family in this patient’s end of life transition. He sat at the bedside and talked with the family for an extended period of time making them feel like their loved one was his only patient.

Nate demonstrated hospitality, respect, and teamwork. Hospitality towards the family in the way he made them feel welcome and comfortable. Respect toward the patient in the way he helped him through the end of life. And teamwork towards me in how smooth he made the transfer go from my ICU care to his Hospice Care.

Nate is very knowledgeable in his specialty. He knew exactly how to explain things to the family and prepare them for the different states their loved one was about to go through.