Nate Sallach

Nate Sallach

Nate Sallach, RN

General & Vascular Surgery / Palliative Care
Marshfield Medical Center
Marshfield, Wisconsin
United States
Nate had a caring, understanding nature to him.

After 13 years my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer again. In the fall of 2018, he started going downhill. Unfortunately, our mom was in assisted living with Alzheimer's. Our family was going through a lot. Dad ended up in the ER and after deciding to stop treatments he was moved to Palliative Care. My sister and I stayed most days and nights with him. As the rest of our siblings and family came to visit, we took over the lounge area that weekend. I will forever remember Nate taking care of my dad during those nighttime hours. My dad asked, "how he'd go?" Nate carefully explained certain things and how he'd be able to go home. We were lucky enough to take him home and we five kids were able to care for him until the end. Nate had a caring, understanding nature to him. Of all of the nurses, I will always be thankful Dad had him for those nights he was up coughing. My dad went home and my family cared for him in Hospice 24/7 until he passed a week later. It was a beautiful time.

Fast forward to this year and my boyfriend wasn't feeling well, ended up in the ER, and then transferred to the 4th floor. A flood of emotions hit me seeing my dad’s old room again. Then I saw Nate in the hall and surprisingly felt a comfort. Though we had some fantastic nurses, he didn't have Nate until the 7th night. What a great feeling to have him take care of the 2nd most important man in my life. I felt a comfort and closer to Dad too.

As tough as it was with our dad, Nate made things easier for us all. Thank you for doing a fantastic job caring for people, it really did help us all.