Nate Hill

Nate Hill, RN

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, Oregon
United States

I followed Nate Hill Sunday Morning after he had cared for a critically ill Patient for two nights. The patient was admitted 3 nights previously with a surgically repaired ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. The patient's family relayed the following sentiments to me:

Nate was a highly organized, very responsive nurse to their father. He confidently managed multiple IV drips and made multiple calls to the surgery team for support, while constantly reassuring and educating the family about his actions. He answered all of their questions and cared for the patient and the family with compassion. They couldn't believe that he could balance all of the care for their dad and still treat them so well.

Following Nate, I received (as I always do) a thorough bedside report. The patient was stabilized overnight as a result of Nate's tireless advocacy for more fluid resuscitation, management of CRRT, and titration of 3-5 vasoactive medications. Despite an obviously busy two nights, Nate left his shift leaving me prepared for a busy shift and the patient's family extremely satisfied and impressed by the level of care he was receiving. They made multiple comments about how grateful they were for the care from the team, and especially Nate. He provided amazing customer service during a very stressful time.

Nate's excellence in compassion and clinical skill is not isolated to this patient. I frequently hear from patients and co-workers about his bedside care. He is a great asset to our team and I am proud to have Nate as a peer.