Narcisa Balanay
March 2017
Desert Regional Medical Center
Palm Springs
United States




I was hospitalized and re-hospitalized due to post-surgery infection which resulted in a 15-day hospitalization.  Narcisa remembered my hospitalizations in 2008 (admitted 5x) for pancreatitis.  She became my “Nurse Mother”.  Her compassion and dedication certainly shine forth each and every time she set foot in my room.  I consider myself a “professional patient” as I have been admitted so many times.  Fortunately, I drew the lucky straw and became a “frequent flyer” on 5-Sinatra.  Each time, I was truly blessed by my Nurse Angel, Narcisa.  She is compassionate, caring, sympathetic, empathetic, understanding, sensitive, warm and loving, tolerant, considerate, kind, humane, charitable, and most importantly, big hearted.  What did I do to score this wonderful nurse professional repeatedly over the past eight years?  My debilitating health had God call upon her to make me well again.  Yet, fortunately, in my repeated illnesses and cancers, God brought her back to my side each time.