Nancy Cope

Nancy Cope, RN

Respiratory Unit
Hamilton Medical Center
Dalton, Georgia
United States

3) Nursing co-worker commented, "Nancy Cope has been with Hamilton about
4 years. We've observed her emerging as a leader on our unit. She has
brought unity to our unit with her leadership mentality. She is always
smiling and works hard to raise moral on the Respiratory unit. Initially
Nancy was not interested in doing anything extra just showed up to do
job and nothing more. Then, her attitude changed and she developed a
sense of ownership for what we do and seems to be at a place of nursing
professionalism all her own. Nancy's attitude that it's no longer all
about me, but all about what we can do for the patients. Nancy has been
known to spend own money to purchase items she felt that the patient
needed. I heard her comment one day when patient load was lighter than
usual and that was, "This has been a great day! I had the extra time to
spend with a patient who needed me. I washed the patient's hair and
fixed it for her. After I bathed the patient, I was able to spend
quality time with her. You know that's why we became a nurses!" Nancy
has also made a difference on the unit taking time to single out a
fellow nurse who never will take time for lunch and seems to have a low
self esteem. Nancy cared about building camaraderie with this fellow
nurse and actually got the nurse to leave the unit to take lunch!