Nancy Benjamin

Nancy Benjamin

Nancy Benjamin, RN

General Surgery
Baton Rouge General Medical Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
United States
Calm came over me not long after Nancy Benjamin started her shift.

After about four days and nights sitting with my mother, I was somewhat overloaded and fatigued.  Trying to digest and understand the information concerning my mother’s condition was getting the best of me.

The doctors explained everything in great detail and made certain that I understood their course of treatments.  But, because I was a bit overly concerned about my mother’s comfort and the pain she may have been experiencing, I needed something or someone to put me at ease so I could put it all together.  Calm came over me not long after Nancy Benjamin started her shift.  Nancy immediately gave me a rundown on what was scheduled for my mother during the night.  I noticed a sense of caring and concern as Nancy handled my mother in performing her duties.  That display of kindness gave me the boost I needed.  And the degree of professionalism I observed in Nancy is to be applauded also.

What Nancy did for me and my mother may seem small to many, but the weight she took off of me refreshed my soul.  I will never forget her kind and caring spirit.  Nancy went the whole nine yards at all times, in spite of my mother’s age of 102 years old.