Naiomi Catron

Naiomi Catron

Naiomi Catron, RN

Labor & Delivery
Seton Medical Center Austin
Austin, Texas
United States

Naiomi Catron was on duty in the labor/delivery section of the hospital on the second floor the night that my grandson was born. Our daughter had been given labor inducing medicine but was progressing quite slowly until the afternoon of November 13. She was in active labor and was asked to begin pushing around 7:30pm that night. Given the length of the labor process for my daughter (two days at that point) and the obvious lack of progress as she was trying to have the baby naturally, my wife and my in laws were growing increasingly concerned. When it was finally decided that a C section would be required, I went to the nurse's station to see if I could learn anything that might settle my wife and in-laws down.

Naiomi was not involved in her care on that day, but she approached me and began to address all of my questions in a professional and caring manner. She explained the entire process, the length of time it was estimated to take, assured me of the skill of the surgeon, she basically provided me with both useful information and comfort. It was so helpful that I asked her to come to the waiting room and explain everything to my wife and in-laws. She did so, and she also volunteered to scrub in and check on the status of the C section. She did so, and returned to let us know that the baby was born and that our daughter was fine (without giving us the sex of the baby as we wanted to leave that to our son-in-law). As a result, we knew that everything had gone well and could relax while the procedure was being completed. Our son-in-law brought the news about my grandson to us approximately 45 minutes later. By the way, Naiomi was quite complementary of the doctor that performed the surgery and she was correct. The doctor moved quickly and efficiently and did a tremendous job.

Naiomi went out of her way to provide useful information and comfort to us at a time when fatigue, frustration and emotion can create great anxiety. She was pleasant and professional at all times, and she adhered to all hospital and privacy policies. For someone who was not assigned to our daughter that night, her efforts were unusual and remarkable. Most importantly, she gave us comfort and assurances during the most critical moments.

We are so appreciative of her help that night, and we believe that she is more than deserving of this DAISY Award.