Morgana Charboneau
August 2020
Maternal Child Health (L&D/FCC)
Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center
United States




I delivered my little girl in April and I had the privilege to have Morgana as my nurse. From the get-go, she had this bubbly personality and talked to us through the process. I understand to many nurses this is just another delivery and another patient, but to Morgana, I was not just another, she was thorough explaining what the plan was for my delivery. Anything new came up she always explained what was going on and why we were taking certain precautions. She would put me at ease by explaining things to me and not just assuming I didn't need to know certain details. She kept her interactions with me and my boyfriend professional but the way she showed us how extraordinary she is was by talking to us. She never just ignored our questions. We talked about food, the best times to go up to Colorado to see the nice scenery, and now her son and my baby girl share birthdays. She had that human touch and made a connection with us. Morgana constantly checked up on me and asked me if I needed anything and always provided answers to the many questions I had. I wished we could clone Morgana so that everyone who delivers there could have her as a nurse. Morgana, you were a blessing to us three that you were there to deliver my daughter and you kept an eye on that monitor when her heart rate would go down. My anxiety never went up nor was I concerned for the safety of my daughter because you were on it! Constantly coming into the room telling me why we were going to do something and the next steps that would happen if it didn't work. I pray you stay safe and healthy because all the women going in to have their babies need you to be their nurse. Thank you for helping deliver my baby.