Monica Carey

Monica Carey

Monica Carey, RN

Emergency Room
Little Company of Mary Hospital
Evergreen Park, Illinois
United States

Monday at about 8:00am, my husband, J, was rushed to LCMH by ambulance. As I sat in his assigned room, I observed Monica in her work environment. Immediately she started to use the life saving techniques with self-reliance, good judgment, tact and responsibility. She revealed a positive attitude and professionalism.

She made a special connection with patient, J. She introduced herself and team nurse to me. She talked to the patient to determine his awareness. Example questions like, what's your name, birth date, age, etc. She explained and alerted the patient to some things she would be doing to him that would cause a little pain or discomfort, such as inserting a tube in the bladder. She asked me (wife) questions, about his life style and daily activities. Monica gave me a feeling of calmness.

Her interpersonal skills with peers and team workers showed her ability to relate and work easily with others. I observed her explaining and demonstrating to a team worker, the correct way to connect the patient to the life saving machine. She explained and demonstrated to several nurses how to locate hard to find veins in the patient. Another nurse called for her assistance and she didn't hesitate. Her team nurse remained in the room monitoring J. She never left the patient unattended. Briefly stated, the way in which her peers and team workers approached her, you could see and feel that she is well liked and highly respected by them.

She truly revealed her empathy for J and me. She seems to know the stress that the patient was experiencing and the emotional stress I was experiencing. She talked to J as a concerned and understanding person. Her way of just alerting the patient about things that would cause him pain and discomfort showed her concern for him as a human person. Monica treated the patient the way she would want to be treated.

Finally, she exemplifies the qualities of an extraordinary nurse. I've shared with you a "bird's eye view" of the excellent qualities she possesses. Care, concern, dedication, professionalism, interpersonal skills with peers and team workers and a positive, caring attitude. She took no short cuts. She went above and beyond and leaves no pebbles unturned and no piece of bark unscraped. She is a great nurse!