Mona Bedford

Mona Bedford

Mona Bedford, RN

Audit & Compliance
Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

Mona Bedford is the only Nurse at the Gill Jones facility and we all deeply appreciate her compassion, sensitivity and caring attitude toward our needs. She daily displays these attributes to us as she herself battles with health concerns. Whenever there is a medical concern whether it is clinical definitions of medical terminology or the need for clinical skill intervention, Mona is our “go-to” person for these types of needs at Gill Jones facility. I have listed below some examples of how our Mona has gained our trust and encouraged us during our times of need.

It was a normal day at work in the Gill Jones Business Office and I was training a new coworker. I started to experience a sharp pain in my right side. My coworker asked if I was ok and I answered “yes” (I didn’t want to distract her). After about 10 minutes, the pain became excruciating and I was doubled over in pain.

Another Business Office staff member noticed me and immediately ran across the hall to “get Mona”. Mona came over with her “kit” which contains a B/P cuff, stethoscope, etc. and sat next to me. A transition took place where as Mona was no longer the RAC Coordinator, she became the bedside clinician. Assessment of the patient was the new priority. Mona sat next to me to comfort me and asked questions such as; where is the pain? How severe is the pain on a scale from 1-10? Mona was very calm, in control of the situation, very comforting and consoling.

A fellow coworker called 911 and Mona sat with me until the ambulance arrived. The entire wait time consisted of Mona rubbing my back and telling me to breathe and focus on her voice. Thank you Mona! By A.T., Business Office

Mona goes out of her way each month to assist me by giving me my B-12 injection. By doing this, I don’t have to take time off from work to have the nurse at the doctor’s office administer the medication. I truly appreciate her and have often wondered how to thank her for her consideration. I have decided that there is no better way than to nominate her for the DAISY Award. She meets all of the criteria and is most deserving. By J.J., Business Office

I noticed swelling on the right side of my lip. I did not feel ill therefore I came to work as normal. When I arrived, I discussed my issue with some of my co-workers and they were immediately concerned and stated that it appeared to be more serious than just a swollen lip. Someone called Mona and she came across the hall to assess the situation. She asked me to do three (3) things: 1. Smile; 2. Speak a simple sentence; 3. Stick out my tongue. Mona was very concerned and immediately called Dr. Vega’s office and left a message. Dr. Vega returned Mona’s call and stated that if she (Mona) could not tell if it was a stroke or Bell ’s palsy to get me to the Emergency Room. A fellow coworker drove me to the Emergency Room and after a series of tests; I was diagnosed with a “silent stroke” and Bell’s palsy. I am very thankful and appreciative that Mona was there and sensitive to my needs. By Z.C., Business Office

In addition to her RAC responsibilities, Mona assists the Medicare billers with Medicare Additional Development requests (ADR). This process involves submitting patient records to Medicare for review prior to our receiving payment for a given claim. These records must meet specific clinical criteria to ensure claim payment.

Mona will review these records prior to submission to Medicare to ensure clinical completeness and appropriateness. On numerous occasions, Mona has been instrumental in obtaining physician(s) attestations and contacting the physician(s) for additional documentation or letters to justify the services performed. Due to the clinical nature of claim denials she comes to the rescue in these cases as well. We couldn’t do it without her. We depend on her clinical knowledge and skill from all angles. By Medicare Claims Billers, Business Office

I cut my finger during my normal workday. I applied a band-aid to stop the bleeding. My finger continued to throb and bleed which I felt was a bit abnormal. I decided to have Mona look at it and offer her opinion. She removed the band-aid and assessed my wound. Mona told me to go to the Employee Health Nurse immediately. I did as I was instructed and from the Health Nurse I was sent to First Care. At First Care, I received sutures to mend my wound. I was told that I had cut an artery.

Some time after I had received the sutures, my wound began to hurt and swell. Again, I came to Mona for her opinion of my wound due to her close proximity. She instructed me to go see the Employee Health Nurse. This time I was sent to First Care and the physician gave me antibiotics because of an infection in the wound. Each time I come to her for health concerns, she comforts me and sends me in the right direction to expedite my recovery. Thanks Mona. By E.R., Gill Jones Warehouse

This past October I had to have a pacemaker implanted. The weeks following my surgery, Mona was always available to listen to me. She showed extraordinary compassion and concern. She was always reassuring me that everything would be fine. She was available to take my blood pressure, administering flu shots for the Gill Jones facility, and on occasion stopping by my desk to ask how I was feeling. Mona always took the extra step to show that she cared. This means the world to her co-workers patients. By M.B., Business Office

We all appreciate Mona in her role as RAC Coordinator and “Nurse” to the Gill Jones Staff. She continually gives of herself and displays the utmost compassion, care, sensitivity and exemplary clinical skills.