Molly Pfeffer

Molly Pfeffer, RN

Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

Molly was nominated by a patient's parent:
My son Evan was born at 1 lb 6 oz and he was transferred to UNMC. I wasn't sure how I felt about Even being there until we had Molly as a nurse. Molly goes beyond Extraordinary. She provides the best care for our son, Evan. She takes and prints picutres of the things he has accomplished. She keeps a calendar updated at each and every milestone. Being away from your baby is very stressful but when I leave at night and Milly is Evan's nurse, I feel relieved that he will be in her care. Being a NICU parent, you have a long haul ahead of you. Of course you can't be there every second, but the days Molly was with Evan, I could sleep at night knowing Evan would get the care he needed just as if I was with him. When I would call for an update on Evan, she wouldn't leave out any details. She would always let us know what to expect from having a preemie baby. She told us she would never take our hope away. She is helping us each and every day dealing with daily rollercoaster rides. She's there to celebrate our good days. I am thankful for the days Evan has Molly. One day she wasn't assigned to Evan but she still came to see Evan and update his calendar. I've never had another nurse that was do dedicated to our son. The pictures, the collages, extra foot prints as he grows, I couldn't be happier with Molly's amazing personality and the care she provides for not only Even but the whole family. I highly recommend Molly Pfeffer for The DAISY Award.