Molly Milborn

Molly Milborn

Molly Milborn, BSN, RN

P8- American Family Children's Hospital
UW Health
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
Molly served as a trusting and knowledgeable resource who helped us to get through a difficult time.

Our 12 hear old daughter had spinal fusion surgery to correct a significant curve in her spine and despite the success of the procedure, her recovery time in the hospital was longer than expected. We were especially impressed with the qualities and characteristics of Molly. Possessing challenges related to communication, our daughter was not always able to verbalize how she was feeling so the patience Molly demonstrated and the insight she provided were appreciated and helpful as we worked through considerations related to pain, bathroom management, and physical therapy.

Where it was obvious that she excelled in the technical aspects of her job, it was her kindness and compassion that demonstrated to us her value as a nurse. Discovering that our daughter loved Disney World, Molly played for our daughter videos she had taken on her trip to Disney. After our daughter viewed the Christmas special, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a number of times form her hospital bed, Molly walked in one morning wearing her Rudolph shirt telling her, I wore this just for you.

Molly made sure we were taking advantage of the activities taking place at the hospital, shared stories with us of her family, and spoiled our daughter with hair washes and warm blankets. In a time of anxiousness and unknowns, Molly served as a trusting and knowledgeable resource who helped us to get through a difficult time. The impact she had on our daughter was made evident in the fact that our daughter (who didn’t speak a lot during her recovery) began to ask each morning if Molly was going to be there today. We were happy that it was Molly that walked us out on the morning of our discharge and that she was there for such an important milestone in our daughter’s recovery.

Words will never be able to express our appreciation for the kindness and patience that Molly demonstrated towards us during our stay in the hospital.  Molly gave us a new appreciation for her profession and we feel fortunate and blessed that such an extraordinary and special individual was there to help and care for our daughter and family.