Molly Boyce

Molly Boyce

Molly Boyce, BSN, RN

Emergency Department
Warren Memorial Hospital
Front Royal, Virginia
United States
Molly comforted me in so many ways, even at times made me laugh.

I had to take my husband to the ER and our nurse was Molly Boyce.  She helped us with our situation with ease.  My husband was trying to take his life by taking too many pills.  It was hard for me as there wasn't anything I could do.  Molly explained everything that was going on with my husband.  Kept us informed on where the test results were, what was or could happen next.  She not only took special care of my husband, but she was concerned for my needs as well.

She allowed me to share stories about my husband's family, those members who had succeeded with suicide.  She comforted me in so many ways, even at times made me laugh.  Something that I just didn't think I was capable of doing at that time.  Not only did she take care of him, but she managed to take care of all the other patients she was in charge of.  It appears she treated all the patients as she treated us.

When I came to ask questions or concerns, she gave me her undivided attention.  Through this situation, we couldn't have had a better nurse. 

All nurses need to be like her.  Caring and giving of herself.  You are truly blessed to have her!

Note: This is Molly’s 2nd DAISY Award!