Molly Banks
August 2020
Labor & Delivery
Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital
Redwood City
United States




Molly gave me the gift of a positive birth experience, and for that, I will be forever grateful. She went above and beyond to empower my husband and me to make difficult decisions, all while providing compassionate and supportive care throughout our time at Sequoia.

One example of Molly's rock star nursing was when my labor plateaued, and my doctor urged me to consider epidural. Molly respectfully asked if we could talk about it because she knew it was something I didn't want. But since she also believed it was in our best interest, she asked why I wanted to avoid an epidural, what I was concerned about, and what she could do. She ended up calling in the anesthesiologist to talk through each one of my concerns. This all sounds simple, but under the intense pain of labor, it really made a difference.

I wholeheartedly appreciate Molly's approach of giving us "more time" while arming us with the information needed to make critical decisions ourselves. Molly empowered me to move away from my picture-perfect birth and address the realities of the situation that we were facing.

I truly believe that both this experience and outcome would not have been possible without Molly's quality of care, sincere support, and knowledgeable guidance.