Misty Johnson-Rhoten

Misty Johnson-Rhoten

Misty Johnson-Rhoten, RN

Nebraska Medicine- Bellevue
Bellevue, Nebraska
United States
Misty is compassionate in her care while ensuring it is provided with quality and respect.

Anyone who knows Misty knows that she is a smart, quick-witted and a compassionate young lady.  She provides extraordinary care to her patients every day.  She is a skilled nurse who can function in an intensive care unit that cares for a variety of patients.  She performs her tasks alongside a diverse interdisciplinary team and yet manages to make her patients feel as though they are her only responsibility.  She is compassionate in her care while ensuring it is provided with quality and respect.  A touching example that illustrates some of Misty’s best qualities is as follows:

Patient X was admitted to the ICU through the ED with complaints of severe abdominal pain and quickly found to be in septic shock.  His care was complicated, and he had family and friends present most of the day and into the late evening.  Although responsive much of the time, he required ventilation or bi-pap throughout the majority of his admission.  Misty managed this complex patient for several shifts.  Misty got to know him and his family and they got to know Misty.  Misty was aware early on that the prognosis for Mr. X was poor.  She was also aware that he and his spouse of over 40 years, had a realistic understanding of the severity of his situation.  Misty did what she could to ensure their privacy and manipulate some “alone” time amidst family, friends, providers, and staff that provided an almost continual reminder to the overwhelming reality that Mr. X was likely not going to survive this fight.

Because Mr. X was intubated and could not speak, he communicated by writing when he had enough strength to do so.  He and his wife held hands a lot and their communication was evident in their eyes as they looked at each other and through everyone else.  Misty picked up on that and did what she could to comfort and support.  His spouse would tell stories about how they met, about their children and their long, happy life.  At one point, Mr. X wrote a message that he wished he could sing his wedding song, Never My Love, one more time.  They both cried.  Misty found the song online and played it for them in his room.  As he tried to sing against the vent you could hear the alarms blaring through his silent gasps.  He was able to “sing” to his bride one last time.

Mr. X and his family decided it was time for him to rest.  They decided to remove the ventilator and stop his medication and allow him to peacefully pass, which he did, just days later.

For as long as I live, I will never forget that song, the alarms and Misty facilitating that moment for that couple.

Misty Johnson-Rhoten is a nurse who demonstrates her compassion and caring nature through tender moments.  She can also provide care while being light-hearted, supportive of her peers and she never failing to inject humor into our days.  Misty is a true DAISY Nurse.