Misty Essex

Misty Essex, RN

Hancock Regional Hospital
Greenfield, Indiana
United States

Misty was my nurse 2 different weekends. I had gone into diabetic kefacidois on Nov. 30th and then again on Dec. 16th. Misty made an incredible impression of compassion, respect, service and professionalism with my family and myself. When I returned on Dec. 16th, it was an awesome welcomed joy to see her again. Since I was close to the desk, I could hear how she helps watch others through phone calls. Her clinical excellence was shown by her help in diagnosing the complications with my insulin pump. We did lots of brainstorming and my “pump” was kinked even though I changed it 3 times in 6 hours. I would love to request her as my nurse at all times if I ever return. She shares her joy and concern with her patients. I feel that she is part of my family. *Just look at her, I bet you will find her smiling and serving right now! God Bless to all that help us when we are weak.
Misty...I was here to take a stress (heart) test. So I wanted to stop by to give you a huge hug and say thank you so very much. I see your wings here on Earth. I can only imagine how you will shine in heaven. Thanks for all of your time, talent and kindness that you have shared with me for the tough two weekends. I’m so glad you were here both times.