Misti Triggs

Misti Triggs, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Nothing breaks the
silence of a long night
shift more than a shrill
cry for help! That’s
exactly what Misti
Triggs and her two
co-workers heard while
working the Triage Desk
in the Emergency Department.
“For the two of us, we seemed a
little frozen in time, but our colleague,
Misti, went immediately to the visitor in
distress, and without hesitation, began
issuing orders to us … ‘Hit the Staff Alert
Button’ and ‘Get a wheelchair.’ Misti was
definitely in charge of the situation, even
sometimes appearing to be thinking out
loud. ‘She’s not breathing, she’s coding,’
as Misti started compressions when the
woman ceased breathing after the seizure
had stopped.
Just as several awesome ED responders
came to Misty’s aid, the patient began
breathing. During the entire episode
that night, Misti never left her side.
One nominee said, “For me, it was an
adrenaline rush, but for Misti it was what
she does. She was an RN, a leader, and
that lady’s guardian angel – all in a matter
of three minutes!”
Congratulations, Misti!