Missie Cosby

Missie Cosby, RN

Saint Joseph - Berea
Berea, Kentucky
United States

Missie Cosby
Missie is a very dependable, fun loving person who makes the time fly by even in the most depressing situations. She always has a smile on her face and is laughing and joking with patients and their families.
One night we had a patient that was very sick and Missie was assigned to the patient’s room. She had a feeling that something was going on with that patient but didn't know what, you know the gut feeling when something is wrong. Well, she went with the feeling that night and connected the patient to the EKG monitor and found that the patient was having a heart attack. She took the EKG to the Doctor and the patient received the right medications and was transferred to the hospital in Lexington. The patient didn't come in with SOA or chest pain.