Mirela Simic

Mirela Simic

Mirela Simic, RN

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Bryan Medical Center
Lincoln, Nebraska
United States
Mirela advocated for me by sharing her concerns when the Doctor rounded.

I was on the Rehab unit for a month. Mirela respected my wishes but didn’t take no for an answer.  She explained the importance of what I didn’t want to do. She advocated for me by sharing her concerns when the Doctor rounded.  She kept her word, if she said she was coming back to do something then she did. She educated me on my meds and went above and beyond to address my pain. She knew I had back pain and used the lift to move me in and out of bed versus twisting.  Mirela stood out, she’s a great nurse.


Mirela discovered a patient acting strangely. She immediately called a BRRT (Rapid Response Team) and then followed by a code.  She remained calm, worked urgently and professionally to get him the care he needed.  The patient transferred to ICU and was able to recover, eventually returned back to Rehab, and then discharged home.  Mirela’s quick response contributed to this positive outcome.  What most impressed me was Mirela’s willingness to take time after the code to debrief, allow herself to emotionally respond during the debriefing.  She displayed great self-care.  We are blessed to have Mirela on the Rehab team.