Miranda Harmon

Miranda Harmon, RN

Atrium Health - University City
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Miranda had put in a long day of work. She came in several hours early to help out the preoperative area. After working on this busy day, she was exhausted and as she went to her car in the parking lot, she noticed that the car to her right had the door slightly ajar. Upon starting her car, she heard someone call out "help me". Upon exiting her car, she noticed that it was the driver of the car to her right. Peering into the car, Miranda noticed that the woman sitting in the driver's seat was suffering GI distress and complaining of severe abdominal pain.

Miranda, despite her overwhelming desire to be on her way home, went to the ED to seek help. She notified the staff of the situation. Miranda took a wheelchair out to the woman and brought her to the ED where she waited with her until she was registered. Miranda demonstrates daily that she is an exceptional nurse in her care of patients. This episode demonstrates the kind and caring person she is at her core.