Mindy DelaCruz

Mindy DelaCruz

Mindy DelaCruz, RN

Level 3 NICU
The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Houston, Texas
United States
Mindy's attention was on the babies in her care.

I gave birth to twins via C-section and one of them was in NICU for 2 weeks. I really feel like the staff there was really caring and attentive. I do however want to recognize one nurse in particular. Here is a little background about what lead up to her being recognized.

Five days after I delivered I was in awe of my baby girl and was enjoying spending time with her. However, my baby boy was in NICU and even though I made sure to go and visit him as often as possible, it was heartbreaking to leave him, but I had his sister to care for as well. After 5 days of only touching his hand or rubbing his arm, I was in my room at the hospital crying because I wasn't able to hold him. Every time I went in the nurses said, "No”. I didn't want to mess with any wires or anything on him, so I just accepted it. Then my OB came in and asked, "What is the matter?" and I explained my son is 5 days old and I haven't held him yet. She asked why, so I explained. She called down to NICU and told me to go that they would let me, but when I got there I was told "No" once again. It was heartbreaking to me until day 6. When I went into NICU 3 there were nurses everywhere and I was always interested to see who it was and if I had seen the nurse before. Mindy DelaCruz walks up to me and introduces herself and says, "I'm taking care of H today". She explained his status and was very friendly. Then she says, "Would you like to hold him?" and I said, "you're the first person that has allowed me, everyone else has told me no". She said, "I'm completely comfortable letting you hold him, no problem." I was super excited and just wanted to thank her a million times.

That's not the only reason I want to recognize Mindy. She went above and beyond as far as my updates and checking on him. She seemed like she loved her job and that's where she needed to be. She wasn't worried about notes, cell phone, or talking with friends. Her attention was on the babies in her care. She is truly an asset and a blessing to your hospital. Thanks for everything you have done.