Mina Young

Mina Young, RN

Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast
Concord, North Carolina
United States

Mina, (a.k.a "The Yellow Rose of Texas") is a beautiful, gentle, composed, giving, unselfish healthcare professional and human being! She truly exemplifies grace and dignity and compassion; though firm and definite when she needs to be. (But not harshly or unduly so) Mina offered to go to the chapel with me, depending on how things went. I didn't hold her to this since I've seen how things can change, etc. But sure enough, Mina appeared at my door and said "Want to go?" all after taking care of her work load. We prayed for each other and got to know each other better there before my hysterectomy procedure. I still don't understand how my nurse angel had time to think of loving deeds; much less time to implement them.

The best thing you can give to others is yourself!