Milagros "Marjhie" Astudillo

Milagros "Marjhie" Astudillo, RN, BSN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Marjhie is a nurse who is a continuous inspiration to nurses everywhere but especially on her own unit of 4SE. She has worked on 4SE for 18 years. Marjhie is generous, competent and aware of the needs for the floor, for nurses, patients and all other staff. She is one of those quiet presences, often participating in thankless, but oh so necessary, jobs like chart auditing, or teaching new and needed skills to our floor nurses. She is an excellent resource for dialysis and is our ORCA expert as well. There is no area where she doesn’t lend a helpful and kind hand, as well as share her extensive nursing knowledge. She is an excellent nurse, teacher and human being. I admire her deeply.