Mike Collins

Mike Collins, RN

Swedish Medical Center - First Hill
Seattle, Washington
United States

Mike Collins gave me exceptional nursing care. Mike has a natural God-given ability to relate to people in a very special way. He answered all my medical related questions in a very clear and understandable way. His explanations were very thorough and were presented in a very positive and reassuring manner. Mike is a very good listener and very compassionate. He makes you feel that everything is going to be okay.

He continued to encourage me to get out of bed and do my laps around the halls, and then gave me a lot of praise each time he saw me walking. His continued encouragement made me try even harder to do five more laps and thus got my plumbing going, which then became my ticket to be released. Another example of unselfish and generosity was when he walked into the room in the morning and offered my neighbor and me his personal newspaper which he had brought to work from home and hadn't even yet read himself.

All of the nurses I had were great, but Mike's exceptional kindness coupled with a true servant's heart and extraordinary people skills make him a "poster child" for his profession. In my opinion Swedish Hospital should consider themselves very lucky to have such a quality individual as part of their team.