Mike Caudill

Mike Caudill

Mike Caudill, RN

Progressive Care
Norton Audubon Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Mike is a very caring nurse. No task or request is outside his scope of care.

Mike had a patient who became very concerned because he could not reach his wife at home, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.   Mike got involved and even called the sheriff’s department to have them do a well check on her.  When she wasn’t there, Mike was very persistent in locating her.  We found out that family had taken her home with them.   The patient walked up to the nurse’s station when Mike told him where his wife was and who she was with.  The look alone showed the sense of relief and deep concern disappeared.  He couldn’t stop thanking Mike for all that he did.   I know this patient will always remember Mike and his “small” act of kindness to ease his mind and lesson his concern for his wife.   It’s moments like this that make me even more proud to be a part of this team.


Mike is a very caring nurse.  No task or request is outside his scope of care.   He made multiple trips in and out of mom’s room for ice, water, juice and many other items.  We expected to see Mike again, but he was pulled to another unit.  We know this because he stopped by before starting his shift to let mom know.   He also checked on her later in the day just to be sure she was okay. He’s great and made our stay better.