Miguel Aventino

Miguel Aventino, RN

Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
United States

These are some of the kind words in Miguel’s nomination form:

Nomination #1:
“Miguel Aventino is a wonderful asset to the PACU. He comes to work every day and greets everyone with a wave and a smile. Just his positive attitude makes our unit feel energized. You just cannot help but smile when he acknowledges you with a simple hello and asks you about how your morning or day is going.

“He is willing to actively listen and offer comfort during those rough days. He occasionally takes a kind effort to approach you with a simple and pleasant compliment that can change the course of your day. His presence gives us comfort and confidence when doing patient care because he delivers exceptional support and teamwork. He is cognizant of his surroundings and either offers help or even just do the task in need without request. His knowledge is valuable and extensive and he is approachable when we seek his advice. Miguel is an excellent example of a DAISY Award winner. Men, as nurses, are underrepresented and often unrecognized. It is my pleasure to nominate such a worthy candidate who can be a model to all male nurses of what a DAISY nurse is.”

Nomination #2:
“Miguel is a rare combination of being an excellent nurse and a genuinely wonderful person. He always has a good word and a big smile for everyone he works with and his pleasant demeanor makes the unit a happier place to be. No matter the assignment, he never complains and goes about his work with compassion and sensitivity. Patients and parents appreciate his kindness, professionalism and sincere compassion. He stays late if needed, comes in early if asked, and jumps in to help you without being prompted. Miguel is truly a team player in the PACU. He is a dedicated family man and a dedicated co-worker. I guess to sum it up, when I know Miguel is working on my day – it makes me smile.”