Michelle Skirvin

Michelle Skirvin, RN

Franciscan St. Francis Health - Mooresville
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

I am nominating Michelle Skirvin for the DAISY Award for her extraordinary care for my mother. She arrived in the emergency room with symptoms of a stroke. Immediately there were three nurses in the room caring for her. Michelle told us everything they were doing for her. It was so hard seeing her lie there so frail. Michelle talked to her, as well as us with a reassuring, calm voice. While Mother was in CT, she offered us something to drink. She told us how she cares for her grandmother, as well as her own family. She told us how hard it is to see their health deteriorate. She was walking in our shoes. As the hours passed, Michelle's gentle touch, reassuring tone in her voice, endless patience, and energy with her was so appreciated. She was a true angel in a nurse's uniform for our Mother. As a nurse, she exemplifies nursing as a professional. Our family is so grateful for her care for our beloved Mother.


Our mother was brought into the ER Dept on 1-10-15 for possible stroke. She was attended to by Michelle Skirvin. This nurse was with my Mother for her entire stay. Michelle was very attentive to our Mother and told Mother what she was going to do before she assisted our Mother. Michelle went out of her way to keep our Mother comfortable. She moved her to her side and you could see Mother become so much more comfortable! It was amazing how such a small gesture could make such a big difference! She kept us informed at all times on what was happening and test results. You have a very special nurse on staff by the name of Michelle Skirvin. If I'm ever in your ER, I hope Michelle is there!! She was wonderful! Thank you Michelle!