Michelle Moreno-Lee

Michelle Moreno-Lee

Michelle Moreno-Lee, BSN, RN

Ortho/Neurological Unit
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Sugar Land, Texas
United States
Michelle laughs at my bad jokes. Laughter to me is the best medicine.

My! My! You were a delight! You were always eager and willing to help me. Thank you! You worked with much love and care. I will never forget you! Keep up the loving spirit. Take care and love you!


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of my husband while he was here in the hospital. For going over and beyond her duty. She is kind, considerate and above all is a valuable asset to the hospital.


I have been an inpatient for probably a minimum of 12 times over the past 18-20 years. Every stay was amazing because of all of the wonderful employees that demonstrate every moment that they care. But, I have never nominated someone for this award before. Then Michelle walked in. Her smile and enthusiasm were apparent the moment she stepped through the threshold. Due to lack of space, I will briefly list some of the high points:

1. She made sure that each of my daily goals was addressed and met!

2. She was a strong advocate for me with my physicians. Even got my diet from clear liquid to full liquid to full diet within five minutes!

3. Michelle laughs at my bad jokes. Laughter to me is the best medicine.

4. She asks questions and then listens.

5. I don't know how she does it, but she remembers everything. If she says she will do it, she will!

6. She made me realize that my nurse, PCA and I are a TEAM. It takes effort on the patient's part as well and that is rewarding and therapeutic.

7. She touches. Touch is also a powerful healer. It instills confidence that your provider truly cares and I'm sure it stimulates the healing processes as well.

I could go on, but you should see by now. This nurse is an asset and you would be derelict if you don't do everything you can to retain, nurture, and promote her to work/train other nurses/PCAs. It could do wonders to an already amazing staff and attitudes at Houston Methodist SL Hospital.