Michelle McLain

Michelle McLain

Michelle McLain, RN

PACU / Surg Services
Piedmont Newnan Hospital
Newnan, Georgia
United States

Michelle was nominated for the stellar team work she exhibits day in and day out, all while giving extraordinary patient care.

One evening staff had 7 patients to get ready for surgery and 5 to recover for discharge home with only three RNs to complete care. As always, we worked proficiently and steadily to provide the best patient care experience for these end of the day patients. Michelle works mainly in PACU and without us having to call upon her, she graciously and enthusiastically came to assist us with patient care by discharging patients to their cars, providing patient education and monitoring for patient safety. She accomplished this even after a challenging 12 hour shift while still providing excellent patient care in the PACU.

This example is only one of many. She always is willing to help whenever she is needed most. She truly cares for her patients and leaves a lasting remnant of her heart with not only the patient, but the patient's family as well.