Michelle DeFrisco

Michelle DeFrisco

Michelle DeFrisco, RN

Ambulatory Pedediatric Infusion Center
Ochsner Health System - Ambulatory Clinics
Harahan, Louisiana
United States

Michelle always goes above and beyond for all of her patients. Michelle, works as a team, not just with HemOnc/Infusion Team, but with all other departments in the building. If Michelle hears of a staffing shortage, she will volunteer to assist in other departments in the Peds Ambulatory Building.

Michelle advocates for her patients and makes sure that they understand the medication they are receiving and ensures they are able to receive comfort medications, in the event they are experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Michelle has rearranged events and appointments in her personal life to help accommodate the scheduling of HemOnc patients. She will come in on her day off in order to keep the rest of the team from having a hectic day. Michelle will stay late to ensure that all patients are seen, special orders for medications are taken care of, and to make sure all messages from patients are returned.

In the last 2 weeks, Michelle has had 3 of her former patients die. She provided comfort to one family by driving over two hours to attend the funeral services. Michelle came in on her off day to see a patient that was going to be going home on hospice. Michelle stayed at the hospital all day to comfort the patient during his last hours. The patient did die later that night and Michelle came back to the hospital once she found out and provided comfort to the mom.