Michelle Capestany-Moore

Michelle Capestany-Moore

Michelle Capestany-Moore, RN

Emergency Department
Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center
Portsmouth, Virginia
United States

I had to share the amazing interaction I had today with an extremely compassionate, professional, caring nurse..Michelle Capestany-Moore.

I was called down to the ER to assess a patient that had been here for over 18 hours-an 88 year old man with a granddaughter by his side. The man was obviously close to the end of his life and Michelle was so attentive, not only to the patient, but the family. The granddaughter was from out of town and hadn't left her grandfather's side since he came into the ER. The granddaughter had expressed that "he wouldn't want all this, I want to take him home and be comfortable". The nurse heard this and was doing all she could, not only to stabilize the patient, but provide emotional support to the granddaughter who did not have a very good experience through the night.

Michelle helped to calm the granddaughter, participated in the Palliative Care discussion and moved swiftly to initiate comfort measures, all the while never losing sight of the obvious need of the granddaughter for a touch, a hand on her arm or shoulder, or a hug.

I do this every day and I was smiling to see a nurse, especially in the ER, in the midst of "controlled chaos", meet the patient and family where they were and give them what they needed. She was able to slow down and recognize that. When the patient appeared stable Michelle called me and asked about getting this patient home because she knew that is where he and the granddaughter wanted him to be. We worked together to get him home quickly and Michelle helped the granddaughter put on his shirt, so he would "be more comfortable".

This is not the first time Michelle and I have worked in this type of situation and she has the gift of compassion and observation. We are lucky to have her at Maryview and in our ER.