Michelle Bontreger

Michelle Bontreger, RN

Banner Baywood Medical Center
Mesa, Arizona
United States
Michelle cuddled her with words and skill, it brought tears to my eye.

Michelle is the most wonderful, cheerful, bubbly, calming, comforting, competent, skillful, and knowledgeable nurse I have ever known! She is so delightful, sweet, and such a joy! I have spent over 150 days in the hospital this year alone, as well as numerous other times.

Michelle made an extra effort to find my migraine medicine, even though she was told Banner didn't carry it. She immediately thought 'out of the box.'

Then, on top of everything else, she stepped in and cared for my neighbor when I called her for help. My neighbor has cancer and dementia and is quite ill and was awake all night. Michelle stepped in as aide and nurse and sang to her, wrapped her in warm blankets and spent at least 5-10 minutes with her several times calming her down, calling her 'Sweetie,' listening to her and answering her sufficiently. She cuddled her with words and skill, it brought tears to my eye. This happened on the hour all through the entire night. Michelle took over, she would walk into the room giggling and say singingly, 'I am here Sweetie.' This brought tears to my eyes over and over again!!

Banner is so very, very fortunate to have Michelle as a nurse and role model for future nurses. You need to 'record' her talking to patients and use it as a teaching tool, seriously.

Michelle is the most outstanding nurse I have ever seen!